How to use

How to use the washing and drying machine

Put the laundry

1Put the laundry

Please put the laundry and close the door tightly. Drum cleaning function Check that the door opening lamp is off.

Choose course

2Choose course

Please choose your desired course. It can be used by washing only, drying only.

Choose drying temperature

3Choose drying temperature

Please select the drying temperature and press the temperature button.

Put in coins

4Put in coins

Put in coins you need slowly and press start button.
※You won’t get any change.

Cleaning the drum method before you use

Press the button of bleaning the drum and press start button before you put in your clothes.
※Please open the doore and make sure there is no cloth left in the drum.

Put in clothes

How to use drying machine

Put in clothes

1Put in clothes

Putting in clothes for 1/3 of the drum is the most efficient way.
※Please don’t put in dry clothes.

Put in coins and choose the drying tempreture

2Put in coins and choose the drying tempreture

Put in coins slowly and choose the drying tempreture.
Put in coins only for the time of drying.
※You won’t get any change.

Press start button

3Press start button

Press start button to start drying.
If you open the door when it works, it stops temporary. If you close the door and press start button, it start working again.

Notes before using

1.Put in more coins when drying isn’t enough.

2.Thin chemical fiber cloth may shrink because of the heat. Please check how dry they are by opening the door while the machine is working.

3.After finishing drying, put out them quickly, cool them and put them away. Some clothes may ignite by themself because of preheat.

Please make sure that you have all your belongings with you when you leave the store.