Introduction of FAQ

I want to know how to use machines at the coin laundry.

We support you and explain hot to use the machine and the time of drying to fit your cloth and so on when you come us from AM9:00 ~ AM12:00. Please feel free to visit us.

Do I have to bring detergent and softner?

No, you don’t have to. The washing machine automatically put detergent and softner.

Can I use it only for washing or only for drying?

Yes. You can choose the mode.

What can I wash?

Clothes of course, big stuff like blanket and mofu, and sneakers.

Can I change?

There is a changing machine of \500 coin and \1000 bill. You can use coins of \100 and \500 for the washing and drying machine. You can only use \100 coin for the washing machine and for the drying machine.

Can you issue a receipt?

Yes. Only AM9:00 ~ AM12:00 when our staff is at the store.